FNaF 4

About the title

Before the official release of Five Nights at Freddy’s 4, several teasers have come out featuring Plushtrap. The storyline feels quite fresh compared to other parts and installments. The protagonist of the story is a kid who has to survive till 6 in morning. Every night, we will have to fight four main enemies: Nightmare Freddy, Bonni, Chica and creepy Foxy. To guard against Nightmare Freddy, you’d have to force miniature freddies out of the bed. Bonnie comes into your room from the left, so listen to the sounds of his breath. Nightmare Foxy is super dangerous and requires applying a difficult tactic. Nightmare Fredbear is really dangerous because it represents the features of all of the animatronics. Plushtrap is very quick; you need to grab him as soon as possible when he gets on the cross.
The plotline of FNaF 4 revolves around a boy who was afraid of animatronics. He has a brother who holds the keys to the mystery of plush Fredbear.
The game features 5 days before the holiday. On the first day, the boy is locked up in the room and can’t get out. On the second day, he escapes but Fredbear follows him around. He finds a TV set and unexpectedly meets his brother. On the third day, the boy visited the restaurant. He witnesses a horrendous scene where the Purple Man (William Afton) dresses a man in Spring Bonnie’s costume. On the fourth day, the boy will escape the restaurant and meet several children on the way, including the Boy with the Ball and some random girl. When he comes home, he makes his brother wear a Foxy mask. One day before the celebration, the boy’s locked up in the closet with the remnants of animatronics. On the day of celebration, children grab the boy’s head and stuff it into Fredbear’s head. Unfortunately, Fredbear’s jaws crush the boy’s head. As for me, the plot is very sad. The good thing is that this part sheds light on the old mysteries, for example, we now know who is behind Bite of 87. And FNaF 4 would have logically brought us to the end of the official series. But don’t be sad as Steve Cawthon wrote other sequels, plus, you can indulge in fanfics of this amazing game all you want!

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