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Originally released in 2014, Five Nights at Freddy’s is an all-time gaming hit that is still popular nowadays. The official canon has five games including FNaF parts 1 through 4 as well as Sister Location. There are many additional games, both developed by the original creator Scott Cawthon and dedicated fans. Scott has expanded his gaming empire into a full-blown franchise with merchandise and books.

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The basic plot story includes the main character who is a security officer guarding a pizzeria. The guy has limited electricity power and a lot of monsters to take care of. During the day, malicious characters called animatronics are harmless and perform at children’s celebrations. However, when the night comes, these dangerous creatures start roaming around. If you’re a tiny bit inattentive and don’t watch security cameras, chances are, they will come and get you. So be vigilant, watch and close the doors at the first sight of danger.

Characters of animatronics featured throughout the series include Freddy Fazbear, Foxy, Bonnie and such figures such as Mangle, the Puppet and Nightmarish animatronics in the later parts. These terrible creatures commit crimes, killing innocent kids. Behind the murder is the Purple Guy, which you’ll get to know in the third part (spoiler alert).

Each part of the game features a unique plot line. But as far as the structure goes, they’re all the same, taking place over five nights (and two additional ones if you’re lucky). For example, in FNaF 1, the main character Mike learns all about the mysteries of pizza place from the Phone Guy. He tells the guy about a famous incident called “Bite of 87” which was followed by horrendous murders. The rumor has it, an unknown murderer hid the bodies inside skeletons of the robotic creatures.

Second part of FNaF is loose in terms of plot and breaks into a few minigames. However, what’s crucial is that we get to know who the murderer is. Many mysteries are uncovered now, for example, who is Golden Freddy. Another interesting difference which sets above the second part is that Michael is no longer the protagonist, but rather a bunch of surveillance officers.

Third part shows how the usual pizza place turns green, with Springtrap being a single animatronic around. A number of other phantom-like creatures are lurking in the rooms, but they are pretty harmless. You can easily win this game by placing sound traps for Springtrap and guarding the phantoms off (Puppet, Boy with the ball etc). You will meet the same Purple Guy from part 2 as well. The difference of this part is that it has two alternative endings: the positive and negative one.

The fourth part of the original series is quite original because it takes the same characters from part 1 and makes them nightmarish. Each of the animatronics, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy, express behaviour patterns from previous games. A new Plushtrap animatronic is added to the mix, and has a fast reaction time. The fourth game in the series feachers a boy who doesn’t like animatronics and tries to escape. The story depicts the boy’s brother and other children. The story ends very badly and somebody gets killed (spoiler alert).
What part do you think is your favourite? Feel free to explore all of them one by one if you haven’t already!

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