FNaF World

About the title

Five Nights at Freddy’s World is an indie RPG game released by Scott Cawthon, an original developer of the FNaF universe. It is placed in the country of animatronics where the main characters are located. The player has to help them defend their homes from unwanted Intruders. Some of their enemies are BrowBoy, Porkpatch, Adventure Chipper and many others. All of them are depicted as horrendous monsters. Although it is a survival game, it’s not really about attacking the monsters but rather about wandering around malicious scenes. The purpose of playing is to fight chaos in the country, and fix it by going into an alternate dimension. You can gather your flock and join the most appropriate FNaF characters into a team who will be your companions. FNaF World has two modes called Adventure and Fixed party. In the first mode, you can only choose someone from FNaF 1 or 2 as their team members. The second mode gives you the chance to pick any series characters but you won’t be able to change the team membership till the end of the game. Sometimes after a successful fight you will see the message that a new challenger has arrived, so you will have to fight again. All of the enemies you have defeated will automatically join your team. Have unforgettable fun with this unique game!

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