FNaF 9

About the title

Despite saying he got to the end of this series, Scott Cawthon came up with a new game of Five Nights at Freddy’s 9 also known as Security Breach.
Although the game hasn’t been released, a few details about its development slipped to curious fans. The scenery is PizzaPlex Family Entertainment Centre which is family-friendly at first, but has a lot of mysteries to offer when you get to know it a little better. Unlike in other renditions, the protagonist in FNaF Security Breach is a female and her name is Vanny. Sadly, we never get to see her face as she is always wearing a creepy bunny mask. She has a soothing, calming voice which was featured in a few teasers. In one of the teasers, she apologizes to the main character saying that she will never do something like that again. Also, in another teaser she encourages the main character to flee the MegaPizza Plex please because of impending danger. “There was more going on here than we realised” are the last words in the teaser, signifying the appearance of some probably dangerous animatronic.
Vanny falls prey to Glitchtrap who tries to possess her and use her body to escape into the real world. He doesn’t achieve full success and only manages to instill his voice into Vanny’s thoughts. Vanessa cautiously follows orders telling Glitchtrap that everything will be ready for his escape. We don’t know yet how the events will unfold, but I’m sure that Vanessa will be a strong female character who pushes back and eventually overthrows this influence.
The second main character is called Gregory and we don’t actually know a lot about him. He is thought to be a scared little boy who constantly hides from Vanny and Glamrock Freddy. The boy’s smart watch is connected to the filing systems of the pizza place. It’s not clear whether he is a security guy like the protagonists in other games.
Despite first being announced in 2019, the game won’t be out until late 2021. According to Scott, this might be indeed the last game in the series. When asked about the reason for such a delay, the developer said he wanted to put extra effort in making this a gaming masterpiece. So grab onto the edge of your seat and be among the first players to try out the new game!

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