FNaF 2

About the title

As you know, FNaF series don’t follow the chronological order, so Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 precedes part 1. The action unfolds on the scene of a freaky eatery. The most noticeable distinction is the overwhelming number of zombie-like creatures.There are 13 in this game, compared to only four in part one, so be aware! One of the best aspects of this segment is that you are protected from them by wearing a mask. Despite the large number of robotic beasts, most players perceive FnaF 2 to be easier than part 1. To avoid being attacked by Puppet, you must shed light on Foxy, wind up a musical box, and put on the mask when you get approached by Broken Freddy, Broken Chica, Bonnie, the Boy with a ball, Toy Freddy and others.

The game has several parts that you can get after surviving the night. Take a closer look at some of them.

In Save Them, you play for the Broken Freddy and pursue Puppet. Bodies of deceased kids are scattered around the eatery, Purple Man who has presumably murdered them is lurking around. Pay attention not to come close to dead children’s bodies or the Purple Man, because the game might be over then. The only minigame without screamers is this one.

Bring the Cake to Kids introduces a new storyline. The player controls Freddy in a small pizzeria and serves sweets to kids except for one child behind the door. Freddy’s movements become slower, while the Purple Man comes by the restaurant, picks up one kid and goes away. And you are suddenly attacked by the character named Puppet. The story will continue…

GGGLife is the next minigame. Puppet is the primary character here. You’re handing out gifts and putting animatronic masks on the kids’ faces. This actually gives us a hint that the souls of deceased are still left in their filthy bodies. The final phase is to witness G Freddy’s screamer.

In Foxy GGG, protagonist goes to five children but then the Purple man turns out of the blue, flashes a nice smile. Next thing you get back to kids, but they’re all dead. When you get closer to dead corpses, you’ll hear Foxy scream.

Despite the lack of a plot, the minigames reveal a plethora of intriguing information and riddles. Purple Man, without a doubt, is the murderer. Puppet has the ability to bring children back to life. G Freddy’s true identity is unknown, although he could very possibly be a child’s soul from GGGL. The shadows of two other characters (guess who?) are exceedingly enigmatic, and their identities aren’t revealed in this part. Mike, the main figure from Part 1, has vanished, and the player must now command a variety of security personnel. All of this takes us to something that happened before part 1, thus making this part a background story. It’s only logical that part 2 gained extreme popularity among school students and even people a little older. It’s quite addicting and full of mystery. Therefore, it’s clear: FNaF 2 has a lot of plot and action to offer!

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