FNaF 3

About the title

Despite raising the fans’ hope by featuring a new mysterious animatronic in the teaser of Five Nights at Freddy’s 3, the thrill about this part ends right there. Because the game contains only one animatronic which can kill you and several phantoms which are not that dangerous. But first, let’s start with the new character.
Springtrap has a green brownish colour and is not that dangerous if you know how to handle him. You can just lead him around from one camera to the next using sound traps, because it seems that the Boy with the Ball’s voice attracts this creature.
The phantoms are very easy to come by, even though they’re nasty they can’t hurt you. The Phantom of Freddy is lurking just around the office window, so make sure to ignore his shadow, otherwise you will end up with a broken ventilation system. This would also happen if you don’t switch the camera when you see Chicka’s phantom. Foxy’s phantom is easy to escape: when you see it in the left part of the office, just draw your attention to something else and it will get lost. The Boy with the Ball is very nasty and will hit you and break your ventilation system if you don’t switch cameras. Mangle’s phantom can break your audio system and create horrible screeching noises messing up with your game, so don’t forget to switch cameras when you see him.
The good thing about this game is that it has a solid plot. After one night, play classic animatronics from FNaF 1, starting with Freddy, and then unforgettable Chica and Foxy. A player will pursue Purple Freddy and this will go on till the final room is reached with a big sign saying “Error”. Then you’ll see the Purple Man ((William Afton) from part 2 attacking animatronics. This will go on for four times and after the 5th night we’ll get the chance to save a dead child’s soul. The Purple Man is scared and squeezes itself into Springtrap’s costume where he meets his death.
Also there are some minigames just like in part 2, but they are not as interesting. FNaF 3 has two possible endings: the more and less desirable. In the former, you’ll get through minigames and kids’ spirits will rest in peace. In the latter, the spirits are stuck in zombie-like robotic creatures. If you play the 6th night you will know that Springtrap has likely survived. In any case, the game gives more questions than it answers and entices us with its usual plot line.

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