FNaF 5

About the title

Are you in for some horror? Then this game might just be what you’re looking for. Five nights and Freddy’s 5 is the fifth game in the traditional survival horror series.The game sheds some light on what happened before FNaF part 2. The main goal of the game is to follow Instructions given to you at the beginning of every night. You will need to switch rooms carrying out various tasks which is very different from other FNaF games where you needed to guard the same office till 6 a.m.

The game begins with the journalist speaking with William Afton, the story’s primary character. He keeps it cool by explaining animatronics’ special powers, such as making ice cream and blowing balloons by Circus Baby (we’ll refer to her as CB from now on).

A player controls Mike Afton who’s a new coworker at CB’s Entertainment and Rentals. This company specializes in providing animatronics for parties. He’s a technician who is primarily responsible for keeping animatronics in good working order and who does his job after the dark sets in.

Mike follows the facility’s AI’s instructions during his first night on the job. Because of the blackout, he will have to work in complete darkness the following night. He must hide other characters because CB’s voice tells him he will die if he continues to follow AI’s orders. At night, Michael works on animatronics, however, he ends up stuck in a costume. Mike is trapped inside a place called Scooping auditorium which can remove skeletons of robotic creatures. He is forced to keep doors locked to stay safe. The next night, two of his coworkers were found dead. CB tells Mike to send her to a special room that can remove endoskeletons. It becomes evident, however, that she was joined with others in one figure of Ennard, who was trying to flee the facility.

The game, as it turns out, has two finales. The first outcome leads Michael to the chamber where he dies. Ennard manages to get out of the building alive. In the second variant, Mike must defend a chamber from other FNaF series until 6 a.m.

It’s interesting that the new update to this part offers a new playing mode with additional scenes. Ennard is forced to dwell in the city’s sewage as Mike’s corpse breaks down. His body is then mystically resurrected, and you can see him conversing with his dad on the events of the past.

Because the game playing process is various each day, the plot doesn’t seem like something solid and integral. Each night is perceived as a different game. What’s peculiar about this part is that it has a lot more jokes than other ones. The characters are voiced by professional actors which makes the game look more expensive overall. We recommend playing FNaF 5 even if you’re not a fan of the series because of its original plot and interesting gaming approach.

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