FNaF 10

About the title

A very intriguing trailer of Five Nights at Freddy’s 10 was released in early December, 2020. Although the game is FNaF-themed, the developers of the game play with the original plot and characters. The game has one major difference: all the animatronics come from a magic Kingdom. Just like in the original releases, animatronics are safe during the day, they help organise fun celebrations for children, but are roaming the deserted pizza place at night. You are the one who has to fight animatronics. Thank God, you have video surveillance all around the premises. Have quick reaction time and close the doors when necessary to avoid getting killed by these robotic creatures!
The game features favourite old-timers Foxy, Bonnie and, above all, Fazbear. Chica and Bonnie are the most active animatronics and will always get in our way. Bonnie is the noisiest one but it doesn’t mean he is the most dangerous. The main strategy against Bonnie is to close the electric doors before he has the time to come in. Chica is very similar but would enter from the right side. She often clucks in the kitchen signifying she’s around, even though there are no cameras in the kitchen. Freddy Fazbear is the main animatronic character because he’s the smartest. He poses the highest difficulty for the players as his face is not easily visible on cameras. Foxy is the one you spend the most energy on as he likes to shift from one place to the next. You need to be especially careful around the Pirate Bay because it’s his favourite place. If you don’t see him there, please, close the doors as she might be heading towards you. Golden Freddy is another animatronic who shows up all of a sudden when you don’t look at the tablet and he is the one with a ghost-like appearance.
As for the plot, it seems like you’ve heard it a million times. You are a new security employee of a famous pizza place. You need to survive five nights till 6 in the morning. You have been contacted by your predecessor called Phone Guy who tells you a little bit about the dark history of this pizza place. Robotic zombies who roam this place have killed some children in the past and you can actually see the paper clippings telling you about these horrendous stories all around the place. The dead kids’ bodies have been put in the skeletons of animatronics which is why their Souls are never at peace. Chica and Bonnie may be behind this, as their eyes light up and visitors hear strange sounds and foul smells coming from them. At some part of the story, the communication with the Phone Guy breaks off and it seems something bad happened to him. The game poses a lot of questions and gives very few answers which is why it is so thought-provoking and mysterious. Hope you have a lot of fun playing this amazingly freakish and legendary FNaF game!

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