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Would you like to explore an iconic horror series created by a famous developer named Scott Cawthon? Scott went on and founded the whole franchise which includes not only Five Nights at Freddy’s games but merchandise, books and many more. Several official releases and installments of the game (in total, 5 parts) have come out starting from 2014. All of them are connected by a similar plot. You are a security guy at a pizza place who is trying to protect himself from malicious animatronics. Each part features different animatronics with some of the characters staying throughout the series.
Most famous figures are Fazbear, Foxy, and Chica. Each character has a unique movement pattern which is why it’s important to play strategically. For example, Chica appears from the right while Bonnie always comes in from the left. Each part of the games features a different number of zombie-like robotic characters. In the first one, there are 4, the second part contains 13, the third installment has just 1 (although it features phantoms of figures from previous parts), while the forth game contains a total of 6 animatronics.
The task of the game is to survive all five nights till 6 PM while having limited electricity resources. The surveillance cameras are not always showing properly, plus you need to always conserve the energy, therefore, you cannot be always switching them all the time. One of the main ways you can be protected from animatronics is by closing the doors before they have time to come in. For this, you need to know the layout of the building and the system of automatic electronic doors. Keep in mind that animatronics are extremely dangerous and have killed people in the past and staffed them inside their skeletons.
Although you’re the only security guy in the building, you can rely on the advice given by your predecessor who knows the place and its history extremely well. It’s from him that you get to know some of the secrets on how to fight animatronics. He also tells you horror stories from the past involving dead kids.
The plot unravels not chronologically but in a mixed order to throw some players off and challenge their logical thinking. You need to really delve into the different plotlines to understand causes and effects and who killed whom and when (spoiler alert: the Purple Man is the killer).
All in all, FNaF is an amazing game which can be played by anyone over 12, except for people with some neurological conditions. Feel free to explore endless horror goodness with this classic set of games!

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