FNaF: Sister Location

About the title

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location is a little bit different from other games created by Scott Cawthon in terms of plot line, however, many fans think it sets it apart not in a good way. The Entertainment Centre owned by Circus Baby (in short, CB) which leases out animatronics, is where the action takes place. They were originally stored in CB’s dining place, but the cafe ceased to exist after Elizabeth’s death. CB protrudes her hand from her abdomen and drags the tiny kid inside in one of the miniature sequences, and the robotic creature is now controlled by this child.

In the initial stage, Hand-Unit gives Mike some routine assignments and discusses the origins of CB. The city is submerged in darkness during the second night, and the player must avoid Bidybab animatronic. The game closes with CB providing Michael with further instructions. A player must fix Freddy and head to the auditorium the following night. During the 4th night, Michael is kidnapped by Ennard and gets up in the Scooping chamber. Mike needs to stay in the room for one night and fight off the Minicreatures. During the final night, Michael is tasked with delivering CB to the Scooping chamber, but the disabled robotic Ennard appears, demanding retaliation.

There are two possible outcomes. First one goes like this: Michael is slain in the chamber by Scooper, but Ennard manages to get away. The second option of ending will be available after playing the minigame. Michael is imprisoned in a small chamber and must fight his robotic enemy until 6 a.m.

The majority of people praised this part for its unique gameplay features. Players are responsible for obeying commands given to them at the start of the nights after guarding a chamber until the morning. You can also play an optional minigame in the finale where CB hands out cakes to youngsters and a delicious ice cream cone to a kid who is about to be slain. After completing every level in FNaF Sister Location, an additional gallery of robotic sketches becomes available, serving as a great bonus for die-hard FNaF aficionados.

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