FNaF Security Breach

About the title

Do you want to visit the new MegaPizza Plex owned by Freddy Fazbear? Then Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach might be a great horror game to play. The location is a modern entertainment centre including an arcade, cinema auditorium, laser tag space and, naturally, a pizza eatery. The look of animatronics is a little bit different and resembles an 80s style. The game hasn’t actually been released yet but we know a lot about it from some information leaks and Reddit posts by Scott.
The main figure in the story is Gregory. It’s possible that Vanessa, dressed as a rabbit will be very significant to the storyline. It’s rumoured that the spirit of William Afton has possessed this poor little girl. The voice inside her head tells Vanessa to get ready for something big and to choose the one. The only question is which one and what exactly she needs to choose. Fans suggest that this has something to do with a plan to kill one of the children.
The game will include both traditional and old characters from the FNaF series and someone completely new. The main danger, of course, will be coming from unruly rebellious animatronics.
The official teaser was released in August, 2020, depicting a new character Vanny. Other characters shown in different teasers are Montgomery Gator (an easy play on the word alligator) who resembles a crocodile and an unknown woman who is a security officer. In the same month, the developer told the fandom about two other figures: Glamrock Chica and intriguing Roxan Wolf.
Even though the game had to be released in early 2021, it got rescheduled for the late months of the same year. It will be first available on PlayStation 4 and 5 and regular PCs and will make use of ultrafast SSD technology. Don’t hesitate to buy FNaF Security Breach the moment it will be out to see the most interesting pizzeria space in the game history with a new perspective!

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