FNaF 1

About the title

An iconic survival game titled Five Nights at Freddy’s 1 places a player in a spooky pizzeria. You’ve signed a contract to guard a family-friendly pizza place called Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. However, things get pretty malicious from the very beginning. Previous guard calls you spookily in the middle of the night and explains to you about dangerous stuff lurking around. A pizza place is inhabited by four animatronic figures: Freddy Fazbear, creepy-looking Bonnie,and an all-timer Foxy. They become movable at night which is quite dangerous. A human meeting an animatronic would be stuffed down into a mechanical Fazbear’s suit which means death.
FNaF 1 is very valuable because it sets the main plot line explaining what happened in dark history of the pizza eatery. Phone Guy tells about a horrendous accident called “Bite of 87” when a person’s frontal part of the brain was destroyed. Spooky newspaper clippings on the walls deliver a story of when somebody dressed as an animatronic killed 5 kids on the restaurant premises. It was after that accident that the pizza place always required security services. The murderer is said to have stuffed the dead bodies into suits of animatronics. This is substantiated by customers reporting foul smell and strange sounds coming from zombie-like creatures. It was observed specifically with two of the robots, thus, it can be presumed that they can have dead bodies inside. It is not known exactly what happened to Phone Man who witnessed these events, but his story didn’t have a happy ending. The story is full of mysteries to solve and a unique vibe to it.
Online commenters say, it is challenging for many players as you need to be very attentive and save the highly needed electricity. Playing becomes easier over time, you just need to watch what Foxie is up to, listen to strange sounds from Freddie and always keep the doors closed before Bonnie and Chica. Strategy will ensure that you will successfully complete the game.
Overall, we recommend part 1 of the game to children over 12 and young adults who want to try their hands at an unusual horror game with a rich plot and characters. It’s been 7 years now since it has been released, which makes many players nostalgic. I hope you’ve enjoyed our little review of the game. I wish you a great playtime!

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