FNaF Anime

About the title

If you are an FNaF fan and a bit naughty, perhaps, you might consider playing Five Nights at Freddy’s Anime. The action takes place in the same rooms as in FNaF 1. Overall, it’s one of the most popular spin-offs of the first part because it imbibes animatronics with additional features and uses different game dynamics. New animal animatronics are highly developed creatures resembling humans. The nature of the game is very much sexual because, the main characters try to seduce you. They are flashing their boobs at the cameras, making sexual gestures, poses or moving the objects around in a suggestive manner. Don’t be fooled by them and don’t let them make sexual advances towards you, because this may result in your character’s death. It has been explained by the Phone Guy that the girls are a little bit sadistic and like to make you suffer if you have sexual contact with them. Also, pay close attention to all the entries to guard off any intruders.
The game mostly targets male players as the fictional characters are all females. Unfortunately, there are very few common threads between the original game and this spin-off. Freddie is still the leader and there are some golden animatronics, but it doesn’t go further than that. It’s not a continuation of original lore because animatronics don’t have exoskeletons or endoskeletons and cannot possess the souls of dead children. However, the names of characters stayed the same. You will get to meet old good Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica and all your other favourite characters. I think that similarity is very superficial and does not contribute in any way to the FNaF universe. This is a pure parody and a sexual joke. It goes without saying that the game targets adults as it’s too lustful. If you’re easily turned off by anything too revealing, this game might not be your best choice. Most fans were not satisfied with the game because of poor mechanics and controls. From a technical standpoint, FNaF Anime requires Android 5 or higher and can be installed with an APK file.

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